I would like to share with all of you my years of formation in the best cooking schools with the best worldwide chefs. I invite you to live this new experience and explore together a world of sensations. Ver CV Pilar Latorre

Ferrán Adriá

«My friend Pilar Latorre, a lawyer by profession, has now changed her life to fully dedicate herself to what she loves, teaching cooking. She and I both share excitement and passion for vanguard and creative cuisine that never ceases to surprise us. She is a tireless researcher and great traveler, who knows well the secrets of the most renowned chefs of our time. Captivated by the flavors of the world, she offers us her original vision of the art of cooking, the fruit of what she’s learned through her travels. She’s an alchemist who seduces the most exquisite palates with her unique culinary universe.»


Cristina Morató

«To travel with Pilar Latorre is to enter a world of sensations. To see ancient countries and cultures through their monuments and the best of their cuisine is a unique and unforgettable experience. I encourage you to travel with her through beautiful scenery, discovering colorful markets and let yourself get carried away by the most exotic aromas.»

CRISTINA MORATÓ journalist and bookwriter

Virgilio Martinez

«Long time before the Peruvian gastronomy become famous, Pilar Latorre, a visionaire, was already organizing goumet tours to this country.»